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For my personal video, I wanted to discuss my host culture in relationship to all the places I have traveled while in Europe by helping the viewer to understand why I loved living in Barcelona so much by showing them the atmosphere and culture of the city.  I started the storyboard out with a video I took at the light and fountain show on a Saturday night in Barcelona.  The light and fountain show is a must see spectacle in Barcelona.  The show takes place in Plaza Espanya which was constructed for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition.  At that time, the fountain was considered the world’s largest fountain and now is considered part of Barcelona’s history.  I decided to use this clip of the show because the music is about Barcelona and catches the audience’s attention.  Next, I showed pictures of our study abroad group because they were part of why my experience in Barcelona was so worthwhile and amazing.  I also showed a shot of us cooking and eating in our dorms as well as the street our dorm is located on to further ones understanding of the context where I lived in Barcelona.  Next, I explained that we went on many independent travels as well as class travels, but no matter what were very ready to get back to Barcelona.  I showed pictures from each place I travelled to help compare each location to Barcelona.  After showing a series of pictures from our travels, I included a shot of myself and best friend having a great time on the beach in Barcelona.  I included this photo in the storyboard because the Barceloneta Beach is one of my favorite identities of Barcelona.  A series of beaches along the Barcelona coastline were reconstructed for the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 and are an important part of Barcelona’s recent urban development.  After the beach photo, I included 2 videos from Tibidabo, an amusement park on the highest point overlooking Barcelona.   The amusement park is the oldest in the city and contains rides that date back to the turn of the 20th century.  The cathedral, Temple de Sagrat Cor, at the top of the mountain took 60 years to construct and is composed of mosaic tiles on the interior.  Tibidabo was included in Woody Allen’s recent film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and the amusement park was one of my favorite days I had in Barcelona.  I took a video of the breathtaking panoramic views of the city on the Ferris wheel at Tibidabo, so I wanted to include that in my personal video.  The views help to explain the geography of Barcelona. After the video, I included photographs of my favorite parts of Barcelona’s atmosphere and what I believe attracts people to the gem of a city.  Next in the storyboard, I showed an image of my friend taking a nap in my bed.  Siestas are a large part of Spain’s culture because during and after lunch from about 2 pm until 5 pm, most stores shut down for the workers to eat and rest.  We enjoyed the siestas very much after we got out of class at 1:30 pm. Then, I talked about and showed many images of Antonio Gaudi’s work and impact it has on Barcelona.  His architecture offers monumental symbols to the city and has given Barcelona an identity to the world.  Park Guell and Sagrada Familia especially are universally known and are identified with the character of Barcelona.  After explaining the importance of Gaudi’s work, I showed pictures of the people in Barcelona and talked about their diversity.  My teacher Katherine is German and we asked her if she had many German friends in Barcelona.  She said it doesn’t matter what country her friends are from; she has friends from all over.  She does not specifically seek out friends just because they are German.  In the city, there are a wide variety of people that are many different races, but it adds to the variety and culture of Barcelona.  I also included a short clip of Easter Sunday at Santa Maria del Mar.  The clip was not a very good shot, but I did not want to make it obvious I was taking a video during the Easter Service at the Catholic Church.  I had never been to a Catholic service before, but Barcelona is predominately catholic.  The cathedral, Santa Maria del Mar was built in 1329 and is one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in Barcelona.  The service was in Spanish, so I did not understand it, but found it to be an amazing experience.  After the service our study abroad group had a wonderful Easter lunch.  After the clip from Easter Sunday, I showed a video clip of our favorite band that played every week at Port Vell.  Every weekend, there were crowds of people sitting on the steps at Port Vell listening to this band.  They were a wonderful form of entertainment and capture the liveliness and vibrancy of the city’s character.   After the video of the band at Port Vell, I showed an image of myself standing in front of the doors to our architecture studio to show how I was immersed in this culture.  I also showed an image of the fresh foods at the Santa Caterina Market, a market we enjoyed buying fresh food from every week.  I ended the video with just a picture of myself looking very content and satisfied to show that my cultural experience has been unforgettable.


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