Rhetorical Analysis: Barcelona or Not the typical Barcelona


With this rhetorical analysis I decided to portray parts of Barcelona’s culture that aren’t typically what you think of when you think of Barcelona.  Each day trip around the city that I did are very well known to the people here, but not as well known worldwide.  These two day trips included Montserrat and Tibidabo which I blogged about previously.  These two day trips are very much apart of Barcelona’s culture and vibrant atmosphere, but is not what one associates Barcelona with.  I took a day trip to Montserrat which is about an hours train ride from Barcelona 2 weekends ago.  MontSerrat is a famous day trip that a lot of tourist make when they visit Barcelona.  If one was reading about Barcelona and saw this picture they might think that Barcelona was rural, rocky and mountainous which it is none of those things.  Barcelona is below sea level with a very flat topography.  This image captures the beauty of MontSerrat and the old timey feel that one gets when visiting the place.  This photo offers the landscape right outside the city, which not always is what one thinks of when they think of Barcelona.  The train station included in the photograph gives one the feeling of being somewhere like the grand canyon or Arizona.  At the train station, there is a cable car that you can take to the top where a monastery is located.  There are hiking trails located all over the mountain that offer breathtaking views of the landscape.  You can take a funicular to the very top which we did to hike the highest point of the mountain.  This day trip along with Tibidabo was by far one of the best days I’ve had in Barcelona.

On top of the World

Below in the Blog I did previously, there is a short video of my day trip to Tibidabo.  Tibidabo is an amusement park on top of the highest point in Barcelona that offers panoramic views of the city.  The video portrays my two best friends and I reliving our childhood dreams on the Ferris wheel.  When one visits this magical place, one gets the feeling of being a kid all over again.


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