Blog 11-Interviewing Tropos

For the interview I am going to do in my Final video, I have already interviewed one of my friends that got her camera stolen on the beach in Barcelona.  I am trying to upload the video to youtube right now, but my internet connection is very slow and I am having trouble.  I kept the interview very casual with a white back drop just showing her upperbody and face.  I asked her questions of the events that occured and what she did about the guy stealing her camera.  While she is explaining the story I plan on also showing a video cutting back and forth between rachel telling the story and a reenactment of what actually took place on the beach.  I think it would be helpful for the audience to visually see what took place as she is telling the story.  This interview is for the video I am doing about Pick-pocketing in Barcelona and how it affects the tourists or students that live there.


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  1. Randy Nichols

    Sounds like an ambitious plan! I hope the video session on “Storyboarding” will help you plan and produce the reenactment portion.

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