Blog 10-Beginnings of work on Videos

This is my first attempt at putting together my personal experience of Barcelona.  I have not added my own voice in it, but will as I start to understand Windows Movie Maker more. With this first attempt, I really was playing around with the new software to start to understand how it works.  Throughout this first video, I want to talk about what makes Barcelona such a special place to study abroad through my experiences.  I included in the video one of our favorite bands we love to listen to at Port Veil.  The band is always at the port on Fridays and Saturdays, so on sunny days we really enjoy listening to their music.  I included this particular song because it is my favorite, and it reminds of the atmosphere of Barcelona.  So, I felt that it was important to convey that feeling across to the audience. I created a youtube account to upload all of my videos to because wordpress would not upload my video files.  The link to my first attempt at Video 1 is below.


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