BLOG 9 – discuss some ideas on your plan of attack.

For the Personal Video, I would like to discuss my host culture in relationship to all the places I have traveled while in Europe.  I think it is very interesting to compare the food, people, and views of each culture compared to my host country.  Barcelona has still been my favorite city out of all the place I have visited so far.  So I would like to discuss what makes one “fall in love” with Barcelona. I would like to use a lot of my pictures and some videos to understand the atmosphere of my host country and each place I have visited.

For the Professional Video, I would like to discuss the importance of studying abroad when studying to become an architect.  After being in Europe for more than two months, I have learned more about architecture and urban planning than I have in my two and a half years in Clemson.  I took three art/architecture history classes at Clemson which were very interesting, but it wasn’t until I got to see the art and architecture in person, that I actually appreciated what it stood for.  For instance, while in Germany with my travel class for 9 days we visited the Bauhaus in Dessau.  When studying the Bauhaus I never understood what was so groundbreaking about it.  It was not until we visited did I understand that it was the thought process that went into designing the building that was so groundbreaking.  Every detail, including doorknobs, windows, light fixtures were produced in the Bauhaus workshops and had a unique design.  I never knew about the colors in the building to distinguish floor by floor.  Also, the glass curtain wall on the building was groundbreaking when designed, but now we see glass curtain walls everywhere, so it is hard for us to understand how modern the design was at that time.  I would like to interview my professor Katherine to get her reaction about why it is so important for architecture students to study abroad and see architecture before there eyes, and what living in the architecture can teach you. Also I would like to show pictures and a video I took at the Holocaust memorial for one to experience how architecture can make you feel rather than just seeing it with your eyes.

For the Public Issues Video, I would like to talk about Pick pocketing in Spain.  Pick pocketing is such a huge manifestation in Barcelona and Madrid that it is a serious problem.  Many of my friends while here have gotten things stolen from them including myself, so I would like to interview them to show how easily it could happen to anybody.  In one of the situations, my friend went to the cops, but the cops claim they cannot do anything unless they see the person take it from you.  The pick pocketors target tourists  because they know they are easy targets.  Typically if the pick pocketors know you live here, they are not as a big of a threat.  The pick pocketors will act like they are talking to you and start messing with you and take money or a valuable before you know it.  The metro is another place that pick pocketors are very bad.  In most cases according to my professor, the police are no help.  The pick pocketors are normally immigrants that just want money.  The immigrants are very good at their job because pick pocketing is their only job.  They work in large groups and pass stolen objects off before one even has a chance to find them.


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  1. In the personal project – make sure YOU are in there! (So it’s more than an impersonal ad for Barcelona – we want to know about your engagement with the culture of Barcelona.)

    The pick-pocket-project (say that ten times fast) seems intriguing… and may bring an interesting view on how such crime affects the engagement and experience of victim/visitors to places like Barcelona or Madrid.

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